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The Ara Jo Memorial Fund (the Fund) supports local arts projects that benefit the East Bay through community-based, inclusive arts programming to continue Ara Christina Jo’s legacy and passion for alternative artistic expression. The Fund was established through the generous donations made by family and friends to honor Ara in the aftermath of the 2016 Ghostship Fire that tragically cut her life and the lives of thirty-five other victims all too short. Ara was the personification of pure, unconditional love, care, and support to those around her. We hope to keep her spirit alive by supporting arts projects that align with Ara's life pursuits. The Ara Jo Memorial Fund is administered through the Rock Paper Scissors Collective.

Grant Selection Criteria:
- Artists, art programs, and organizations in the East Bay (in particular Oakland, Emeryville, and Berkeley) are eligible to apply.
- D-I-Y, zine, craft, mixed-media visual art, and education projects will be prioritized.
- Projects with a target audience including youth, low-income, and/or marginalized communities will be prioritized.
- Proposals for project funding of any amount up to $500 will be considered.

Grant funds may be used for project assistance to cover:
- Project-related material, production, and presentation expenses
- Materials needed to conduct free art classes or community art projects
- Hourly pay for third party instructors to conduct free art classes or community art projects

Unless related as a core component of the project described in the application and approved by the RPSC committee*, grant funds may not be used for the following:
- Recurring rent
- Conference, booth, or tabling fees
- Food & beverage
- Travel expenses, including transportation and lodging

*If approved, budget for the items listed above may not exceed 20% of total RPSC funding amount.